Washboard Concerts

1st Annual Washboard Concert
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Washboard Concerts

The 19th Annual Monterey Washboard Concert WILL take place on
Saturday, March 2, 2019

If you are a washboard player
and want to participate
in any of the washboard concerts

E-mail: mike@washboards.com

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March 4, 2000

Due to a last minute schedule change, an impromptu Washboard Concert
took place at Dixieland Monterey this year.

Washboard Players:
Peter Babcock, Karen Ackerman, Jerry Sacco, Jimmie Coates and Mike Johnson.

Special thanks to Gary Ryan--Banjo and Sal Russo--Piano for providing the musical accompaniment.

Special thanks also to Jerry Ackerman and The Dixieland Monterey Festival Board for the opportunity.

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