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A Bit of History

In 1982,
Bill Gunter (Sacremento Washboardist Extraordinaire)
had the idea to try a Washboard Concert at the 1983 Sacramento Jubilee.
For several years, the Jubilee had been doing a Banjorama, Tubarama
and a concert known as "More than 76 Trombones".

Everybody thought it was a crazy idea that would not go beyond the first year.
Much to everybody's surprise, the Washboard Concert was one of the more
popular events at Sacramento for 28 years.

A writer for the Sacramento Bee said that the Washboard Concert in 1983
sounded like"10,000 marbles rattling around in a glass jar in rhythm".
The first concert in 1983 included 10 washboards, 2 banjos, tuba and piano.

Since 1983, there have been as many as 40 washboards, washtub bass, duck call
and in 1995--Mike Foley's 1990's version of an electric washing device.

For the past several years, Earl McKee, Stan & Bruce Huddleston, Ken Keeler,
Ed Turner and occasionally Jim Maihack have provided the musical accompaniment for this event.

Washboards International was originally conceived as a means for
washboard players to keep in touch.

Bob Raggio gave permission to use the washboard from his business card for the logo.

Since 2001, Washboard Concerts have been included at Jazz Bash by the Bay, Monterey, CA.
and at the Washboard Music Festival in Logan, Ohio.

Mike Johnson
Mile High & Thimble Minded
Parker, Colorado

In 1996, The Great Connecticut Traditional Jazz Festival included a Washboard Concert.
The concert proved to be a popular event at the festival and was included in the festival
again in 1997, 1998, 1999 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.

In 1996, The Connecticut Washboard Concert featured 26 washboard players and one washtub bass.

Special thanks to Tex Wyndham, Piano; Albie Bernard, Tuba; Scott Philbin, Banjo/Trumpet;
Mike Hasham, Banjo; Charlie Bornemann, Trombone; Craig Ball, Clarinet and Craig Grant, Trombone
for providing the musical accompaniment.

Washboard Concert
The Great Connecticut Traditional Jazz Festival
August, 1996

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January 20, 2020

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